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“Benchmark Devices was founded to address the need for Custom FDA required test equipment”

Automation Equipment Design/Development

Process equipment and development
Coil winders
Pick and place systems
Automated and custom presses
Hand tools
Cable crimping/tensioning equipment
Electro-pneumatic systems
PLC & touch screen based systems
Molding/extrusion equipment
Vacuum process equipment

Fatigue Testing System Design/Development

Pacing/ICD lead mechanical/electrical test systems
“Rolling Beam” material test systems
Stent compression/tension, bending, torque driven systems
In-vitro circulatory saline/blood based systems

Rapid Prototyping Services
Among other services Benchmark Devices provides “Rapid Prototype” modeling with the latest generation FDM equipment (Fused Deposition Modeling).  In 2008 we added a new HAAS CNC mill for machining biocompatible materials to very precise tolerances.


FDM Gallery

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Off-the-shelf products:

Smart control Stent Testing Platform  
Smart Tester


Pacing/Defibrillation Lead Test Platform
Smart Tester

-Automated Coil Winding Systems
PDF to follow

-Material Test Equipment- “Rolling Beam” cable testing
PDF to follow