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Ridge Medical Designs understands the medical device industry. We recognize the end user’s clinical needs and balance those needs with the client’s design and resource constraints.  We support all product development phases from concept creation through human clinical trials.

Chris Julian, President of Ridge Medical Designs and Benchmark Devices has worked with over 40 medical companies in his 20 years in the medical device industry. Chris has developed invaluable relationships with many of the key vendors in this industry.

We strongly believe that as industry consultants, Ridge Medical and Benchmark Devices are only as good as our last project.  The SF bay area is home to the highest concentration of start up med-device companies in the world and it is really an interconnected industry.  90% of our work comes through repeat clients or references from past clients.  Over the past 8 years, Ridge Medical has strived to acquire the necessary equipment and relationships to support very rapid turn around.  Whether it be our latest generation FDM machine, Haas vertical mill center, or stocking all the right prototype materials and components, we consistently succeed in beating expectations.


General Capabilities
Ridge Medical offers services in product development, process development, project planning, manufacturing, product/process validation, and Intellectual Property Development.

Product Development
By understanding the clinical needs of physicians and our client's design requirements, we will translate the projects clinical challenges into robust medical products.

Process Development, Test Equipment and Fixturing
Ridge Medical and Benchmark have created medical device In-house Test and Process Equipment for many years. We have designed and fabricated medical device support equipment, from Clinical trial electrical adapters to computerized coil winders. We will shorten your product development cycle time by eliminating a third party, and bringing support equipment design and creation in-house.

Project Management
Chris Julian has more than 20 years experience working in the medical device industry. We understand the unique requirements of the industry and are experienced in driving projects from product concept thru market release.

Product/Process Validation
Ridge Medical has developed medical devices for many years and understands the unique regulatory requirements within the medical device industry.  Ridge Medical can create a thorough test plan, develop test protocols, design and fabricate test fixturing, perform testing, and write final test reports.  Risk management and FMECA documents also prove valuable prior to product development.

Intellectual Property Development
Ridge Medical has worked in medical device startups and larger established medical device companies. Working across industry lines from Implantable ICD’s to Robotic Surgery systems, we have helped create Intellectual Property in the form of U.S./International Patents.  Working with our client’s corporate counsel, we will help secure the products future in the marketplace.

Device Technology Experience

Ridge Medical has varying degrees of working knowledge and/or experience in the following areas.


  • Fluoroscopic Imaging
  • Push/pull remote actuation system
  • Device packaging/sterilization
  • Tissue/bone cutting device design
  • Bone drilling/scrapping design
  • Exoskeleton device design
  • Vessel closure system design
  • Wound closure system design
  • Robotic/remote surgery
  • NOTES surgery planning/device design
  • Implantable silastic molding
  • Medical epoxy/cement systems
  • Nitinol design/processing
  • Remote suturing system design
  • Miniature multi-filar coils and winding system
  • Endoscope design
  • Radioactive brackytherapy seed handling/delivery system design
  • Trocar, cannula design
  • Cryogenic technology
  • Inflation/insufflation device design
  • Tissue/bone ablation system
  • Tissue healing
  • Magnetic materials and effects
  • Nebulizer technologies
  • Electrified instrument design
  • Laser welding, cutting, marking
  • Photo-chemical etching
  • Micro molding/machining
  • Polymer extrusion design
  • Implantable ceramics design
  • Steam generation technologies
  • MIM design
  • Implantable sensor design
  • Device delivery system design
  • Implantable polymers, elastomers, metal, epoxies
  • Hermetic package design exp
  •  “Old World” surgical instrument design
  • Tissue dissection
  • Capital equipment design packaging design
  • Sterile drape design
  • Rigid and flexible camera
  • Vision system
  • Balloon design/processing design
  • Fluoroscopic marker design
  • Pacing cable/materials design
  • Titanium staple/stapler design
  • Remote tissue plication/fixation/stapling device design
  • Vacuum based tissue acquisition device design
  • Nitinol stent design
  • Stent delivery system design
  • Percutaneous delivery systems design
  • Catheter processes/design
  • Pacing/ICD lead design
  • Scalpel/trocar materials/design
  • Surgical scissor design
  • Hipot test system
  • RF Instrument design
  • Ultrasonic instrument design
  • Mono/bi-polar cautery design
  • Implantable Silicone Rubber Molding/Fabrication
  • Implantable Hermetic Enclosures
  • Laser/Resistance Welding

Clinical Experience



Ridge Medical and Benchmark Devices will bring a broad range of technology, process and design experience to your med-device project.  Our staff have been involved in the clinical research of a diverse range of medical devices.  We have attended countless number of animal labs, cadaver, and live clinical procedures in North America and Europe.  We have working knowledge in the following medical device specialties:

  • NOTES Devices and Instruments
  • Handheld Surgical Instruments
  • Endoscopic Beating Heart Stabilizers
  • Robotic Surgical Instruments
  • Reusable Surgical Scissors
  • Minimally Invasive Cautery Instruments
  • Implantable Hearing Devices
  • Implantable ICD Defibrillation and Pacing Leads
  • Tumor Ablation Devices
  • Cryo Ablation Devices
  • Cardiac CHF Devices
  • Laparoscopic Surgical Tools
  • Saphenous Vein Dissection Devices
  • Spinal Surgical Implants & Instruments
  • G.I. Endoscopic Devices
  • Traditional & Robotic Endoscopes
  • Obesity Devices
  • Bone Marrow Harvesting Devices
  • Prostate Brackytherapy Devices
  • Cardiac Implants& Vascular Devices
  • PAL Stents
  • Various Cosmesis Devices
  • Cardiac Stents
  • Gynecological Devices
  • Breast Biopsy Devices
  • Mitral Valve Repair & Replacement Devices
  • Various Percutaneous Devices
  • Wound and Vessel Closure Devices
  • Drug Delivery Devices
  • Medical MEMs
  • Dental Instruments
  • Medical Adhesive Delivery Devices
  • Human Thermoregulation Control